Pye Corner Audio – Where Things Are Hollow 2

Pye Corner Audio returns to Lapsus Records with a follow-up to his much-loved 2017 EP Where Things Are Hollow, Dedicated to Andrew Weatherall. Renowned artists Alex Trochut and Basora have once again collaborated on this project, repeating the formula that made the artwork for “Where Things Are Hollow” such a collector’s item. Design: Alex Trochut …

Mark Pritchard – The Four Worlds

Mark Pritchard unveils a brand new eight-track collection, The Four Worlds. Further exploring the sonic worlds first encountered on 2016’s opus “Under The Sun” and once again, an extended collaboration with acclaimed visual artist Jonathan Zawada. Design: Jonathan Zawada Label: Young Turks Recordings Buy: Bleep

Pye Corner Audio – Where Things Are Hollow

 Pye Corner Audio on Lapsus Records with the EP, “Where Things Are Hollow”, comprised of four breath-taking songs that transport the listener to a dystopian future throughout its twenty-four minute duration. This special release will also feature the collaboration of two of the country’s most prestigious independent graphic artists, Alex Trochut and Basora, whose artwork …

Squarepusher Damogen Furies

Prolific electronic extraordinaire Tom Jenkinson AKA Squarepusher returns with Damogen Furies, the latest in a long lineage of landmark LPs dating back to the classic Feed Me Weird Things in 1996. Advancing on the overwhelming, big-room theatrics of 2012 LP Ufabulum, Damogen Furies sees Jenkinson take it to the extreme; deploying harsh, exaggerated melodies woven into a perplexingly complex rhythmic tapestry of his trademarked scatter-gun drum breaks and twitchy IDM roots.